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Pesaro is the birthplace of Rossini with the best artistic and musical traditions of the Adriatic. It has a beach of more than four kilometers, with first-class sports and tourism facilities. Excursions in the immediate hinterland will allow you to visit places rich in history and charm, including Frasassi, Gubbio, Urbino, San Marino, San Leo, Mondavio.

Foto Palazzo Ducale di sera Licenza Creative Commons

Foto: I, Sailko [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], from Wikimedia Commons – Pesaro, fontana di piazza del popolo Licenza Creative Commons

Foto: Rocca Costanza di notte – By Italtrucker [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons Licenza Creative Commons

Foto: Palla di Arnaldo Pomodoro al Piazzale della Libertà di Pesaro. Photograph taken by Alan King Licenza Creative Commons


FANO: City of ancient origins, preserves visible traces of its history with Roman walls, Malatesta Court (Renaissance), Teatro della Fortuna (Neoclassic). The Fano Riviera, twenty kilometers long, has wide arches and sandy bays.

Foto: Arco di Augusto Fano illuminato  Licenza Creative Commons


FRASASSI: Between two mountains cut to peak, the Gola della Rossa a wild gorge hides the treasure of the caves with splendid formations of stalactites, stalagmites and crystal flows in a harmonious succession of shapes between lakes, ponds and chests, illuminated with natural colors and artificial lights. A long itinerary presents a surreal landscape, a world at the beginning of nature.


Foto: Grotte di Frasassi – Sala delle “Candeline” Licenza Creative Commons


GUBBIO: A predominantly mountainous area bordered to the east by the Apennine chain and to the west by the Tiber valley, it is rich in natural beauties and art treasures where history, culture and landscape coexist in a harmonious symbiosis. Next to historical centers of extraordinary beauty and charm that preserve excellent testimonies of the medieval era, it offers a nature with uncontaminated environments and artistic craft productions that bear witness to the centuries-old mastery of a consolidated skill.


Foto:Gubbio – palazzo dei Consoli Licenza Creative Commons


In an elevated position on two hills, around the sweet amphitheater of the Apennine mountains, Urbino, a city sacred to culture and art, also preserves the intact face of a center of the Middle Ages and of the Renaissance, with exceptional architectural and pictorial masterpieces . Inside the Palazzo Ducale (15th century) is the National Gallery of the Marche with paintings by Paolo Uccello, Piero della Francesca, Raphael, Titian.


SAN MARINO: Nestled between the Romagna and the Marches, just a few kilometers from the Adriatic coast, the Republic of San Marino covers an area of just 61 km. The panorama that can be admired from the three towers built on the top of Mount Titano is particularly impressive. San Marino, with its rich heritage of architectural, museum and historical heritage and ample shopping opportunities, attracts over three million tourists each year.


SAN LEO: Picturesque fortress of the Middle Ages placed on a sheer cliff, an example of fortress, accessible for a single way cut into the rock. Inside there is a collection of ancient and modern weapons and a picture gallery.


Foto: San Leo I – By Toni Pecoraro [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons Licenza Creative Commons


MONDAVIO: On a hill in the hinterland, it testifies its importance during the Renaissance centuries and gives the visitor a series of evocative historical, artistic and panoramic solicitations. Inside, a museum of historical and scenic re-enactment shows how life in the fortress took place. In the armory you can admire a selection of weapons of the time.


Gradara Castle is a magnificent example of military architecture of the fourteenth century. The route winds through the narrow streets of the citadel where you can admire evocative views of the Romagna Riviera and Montefeltro. In the castle of Gradara, now a state museum, 14 rooms are visited, all furnished with antique furniture and works of art, including the Santa Sofia altarpiece by Giovanni Santi and a terracotta by Andrea Della Robbia.
He wants an ancient tradition that within the walls of the fortress of Gradara took place the fierce murder of Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Polenta by the betrayed Giovanni (Gianciotto) Malatesta called ‘Lo Sciancato’. Ancient history of blood made immortal by the famous verses of Dante Alighieri.

10 reasons to book holidays in Pesaro

Great prospects for the City of Pesaro that has been able to grow and demonstrate its authoritativeness in tourism thanks to the artistic, cultural and food and wine qualities of its territory. With pride we list our 10 reasons to choose Pesaro and Marche for your next summer vacation.
  1. The beach. Equipped beaches of Levante and Ponente up to the Flaminia bay. Fine sand with a nice atmosphere on the whole coast.
  2. The music. City of music that gave the Births to Gioacchino Rossini. In August, many tourists come for the Rossini Opera Festival
  3. The territory. In addition to the sea, the Marche hinterland offers a unique hill territory between villages and typical castles. Near Pesaro there is Gradara and Urbino and in a large number of other destinations not to be missed Mondavio, San Leo, San Marino and many others.
  4. The historic center. Very close to the sea, connected by bicycle and pedestrian paths. Shops open even in the evening and always full of events and entertainment to spend a few hours in full joy.
  5. Easy to achieve. The motorway is only a few minutes from the city center, traffic is regular and there are no large queues. Alternatively you can get to Pesaro by train, the station is very close to the center and the promenade.
  6. Cycle paths. One of our flagships is the new and very long cycle path that connects all the beaches and the neighboring countries. The Bicipolitana equipped with signs is passable without problem from large and small.
  7. The Monte San Bartolo Regional Nature Park. breathtaking view of the San Bartolo regional natural park. Ideal place for those who love walking among the natural beauties. Equipped place for trekking and bikinis.
  8. The food. The Adriatic Riviera is famous for its food, typical dishes that can not be tasted if you are in Pesaro. The fish is certainly fresh from our sea, cooked in all ways, even to please families with children. In the immediate hinterland you can taste more particular dishes of ancient origin, handed down from generation to generation. In short, there is something for everyone.
  9. the City for young people. It is to dispel the myth that Pesaro is a city for the elderly. Both the coast and the historic center are crowded with young people, cheerful groups with many activities dedicated to them. Many concerts and interesting events are regularly scheduled for the summer and throughout the year. Many also the premises, both in the center and on the beaches. You certainly do not get bored in Pesaro.
  10. the City of Children. Many playgrounds located throughout the city. Many on the waterfront right next to the bike path. For the joy of children but also parents who can relax while their children play quiet

For detailed information visit the Pesaro and Urbino Tourism Portal

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  • Guided tours of the Villa Imperiale
  • Guided tours of Villa Molaroni
  • Guided tours of the Teatro Rossini and Casa Rossini
  • Guided tours of Rocca Costanza